Vintage Israel


I had lunch with 2 of my former co-workers today at a steak house and after getting in touch with the goings on in each of our lives, I found out that one of us was undergoing a divorce proceeding which is never cheerful, and the other just happened to mention that she was going to Israel to tour with other ladies from her church come March 2011.

That aspect of the conversation was the one I wanted to dwell on the most because it had the connotation of a voyage and adventure. I’ve always heard about tours to the country sponsored by many agencies both religious and secular and though it was not a destination I was  crazy for before; this time, I wanted to say, “May I come?” Despite negative news about the political landscape of the country, to me, Israel is like the seat of many of the origins of what is present in the world today and I desire to see it.

Last year, I read Josephus Flavius’ account of the Hebrew history and I liked how it tied (albeit in a secular way) with events that happened in the Holy Bible and curious-er and curious-er am I now to see for myself – places like Capernaum, The Sea of Galilee and of course Jerusalem. I understand that parts of the seashores of Galilee are now prime real estate with luxury condos, resorts and etc. and perhaps the same is true with Capernaum; but based on that photo shown above; there may still be some authenticity left in the whole state just enough for me to enjoy.

I doubt that it will be feasible for me to be able to go in March 2011 because I promised my mother I would spend that month with her as it’s her birth month,yet, the audacious part of me really wants to go!

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