Yael Naim


I do not know a whole lot about Yael Naim except that she sings the lyrics of this catchy piano acoustic song “New Soul;” not just sing, but she also plays the piano piece. Gadget people have for sure heard the intro of the ditty in the Macbook Air commercials when it first came out and was first introduced to her in this manner.

I, on the other hand first heard her in Pandora Radio and was hooked to the pure, innocent and whimsical brand of her sound and the touch of poignancy with the ballads. Yael’s main collaborator David Donatien, a multi-instrumentalist, worked with Yael after her previous 2-3 albums fell short of the acceptance that was due her and I believe the rest is… critical acclaim.

With the advent of “Yael Naim,” her second solo studio album, the indie-pop music world hasn’t been the same. The songs in this album are in French, Hebrew and English; this is “renaissance” in and of itself. The songs I particularly love in the album are: “New Soul,” for it’s catchy tune and lyrics; Far, Far, because it is  heartrending, and Paris – which is sang in Hebrew with some lines in French, for its poetry. I hope Yael and David will always make their music with this freshness of an approach so that I will  have something to look forward to in my MP3 player when I need to.

Whose voice echoes in my Ipod these days? it’s of a woman whose pronunciations of English words while singing are in French and Hebrew accent, named Yael Naim.