The inscription on the photo might a bit oxymoron-ic since naps are typically a short period of sleep during the daytime. But hey, if the time is there and it’s free, why not?

 Naps in English, Siesta in Spanish, “hundaray” in my dialect, no matter how you say it, its is beneficial any day. Just take it from a NASA study which reveals that naps have been found to be just as good as a night’s sleep for memory tasks;  it is also said to improve a person’s efficacy in alertness, response time and other cognitive skills. The Washington Post reported once about a study of 23,000 subjects who took regular midday naps and these sentient beings were found to be 30% less likely to die of heart disease.

 Sadly, cost-less as it is; naps are very rare and hard to get in busy countries. A friend of mine told me once that the best mother’s day gift she could ever have is a long nap on that Sunday which is designated for women like her; this from a stay-at-home mom. What then can be said of working moms? working Dads? working workers? Elusive as it may seem, I believe we ought to do it as much as we can, if we are able. In my personal experience, I have found naps to be invigorating; it also increases my productivity and strength with chores and activities, it lightens my mood and it’s very good for the skin, take it from Paulina Porizkova, who credits naps and sleep as one of her beauty secrets. 

 The picture shown above is the site I fall a-nap to, it’s both symbolic and conducive because when we nap, we usually just hang our hats, keep calm and carry on – napping…

I am a severe allergy sufferer. I get heavy bouts of it to the point of not being able to function inside or outside of the house on a pollen count of 4.9 – 7.2 which is moderate. I have tried pharmaceutical remedies like the Ephedrines and so one and so forth and so far the medication which has been able to fairly curtail my allergies is Fexofenadine (Allegra). But because I have a unique condition, Fexofenadine increases my blood pressure and is really not advisable for me on high doses. After a bit of research I tried a concoction which I tapped into in the internet, posted by a Christian lady in one of the Natural Healing sites. Her mixture of exactly 3 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar and 1 tablespoon of raw honey – indigenous to pollen of my region was what I attempted. Without much ado, allow me to share a journal of my discovery of this most helpful – Apple Cider Vinegar/Honey (ACVH) anti-allergy remedy.

Day 1:

Immediately on that day, my allergies were minimized by 95%, however, this could be attributed to the previous day’s heavy rain which decreased the pollen around the environment and; I still took a small dose of Fexofenadine by mistake as it has been a daily habit for a long time now. So if good results are felt today, I still cannot account it to the ACVH Remedy.

Day 2:

Symptoms were minimal to nil; I am thinking it maybe because the pollen is still decreased. However, I did let out about 4-7 episodes of sneezes and some “itchy-feeling” inside my nostrils with minimal to slightly moderate catarrhal symptoms.

Day 3:

There is a torrent of rain today, I feel positive because the pollen count is at a low, it will help with the allergy symptoms but I cannot relinquish the allergy in absentia to the ACVH treatment just yet. There was a very mild allergy symptom today.

Day 4:

I had symptoms of allergies by approximately 60% symptoms this day – I sneezed, dripped, almost had that exhausted feeling associated with the allergies but I was wondering if it was because of toxins being flushed out of my system? I was faintly  disheartened if it’s  not the case, but I will not give it up just yet either. I will give this a full 2 weeks just to rule out, prove  and disprove and test this remedy to the utmost. 

Day 5:

Today, I prepped a 500cc bottle of the ACVH with a measurement of 4 tbsp and 1 ½ tbsp honey and I brought the mixture to work. I had very minimal to no symptoms at all but I noticed that my heartburn was acting up. This is an acidic drink after all. Or could it also be because I added the Cider by 1 more spoon – it became more acidic than normal. I hope this remedy will not affect my gastrointestinal system to a point  that I have to give it up. It would behoove me, because I feel a great difference in the relief of allergy symptoms.

Day 6:

Allergy symptoms  are almost non existent today; however, just as I suspected; the acidic component of the vinegar began eating up my stomach. To combat this, I started to eat light breakfast foods like 1 wheat waffle or 1 cup of oatmeal before drinking the ACVH concoction, I thinking was, if this will work for my allergies it’s worth the adjustments and I need make this work.

Day 7:

The stomach symptoms were being kept at bay with the current regimen of having light breakfast first before or even while drinking the ACVH; but just a note to self,  I should never, ever forget to take the  acid-reducer; and as far as the allergy symptoms go, I barely feel the tingling in my nose anymore and the sneezes a very few and far between.

Day 8:

At this time, I also began an exercise regimen which is deemed to be very physical for my stature. The kind that has endless jumping jacks (though I modify mine); I have noticed that I have not had the urge to take an analgesic for it even with a rigorous exercise like this. Yes, there is soreness but as I take the ACVH, if not instantly, in a few minutes, the soreness is either minimized or obliterated altogether. The Apple Cider Vinegar alone has known anti-inflammatory properties, I knew this before. I attribute this additional benefit of not having groaning joint pains to my new found concoction. 

Fast forward to…

Day 12:

By now, I have become a believer of this natural remedy; and I am happy to have read that article that the Christian lady posted which educated me of this anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory solution. It’s almost like a cure all! No, it’s not perfect and there are side effects like heartburn and hyper-acidity of the stomach if one is prone to it; but with a very few adjustments, I am overjoyed with the results of ACVH and will be taking it perhaps for life. To some people, it may seem menial, but to a person who has suffered badly not just with allergy symptoms but also the sequelae that follows said symptoms, I am very grateful for this natural, least-costly, highly effective anti-allergy therapy. Thank you Lord!