When a woman’s life’s title is “socialite” it follows a trail of curiosity and some sort of admiration. It’s one of those things where one is either born to it or not; sort of like the “X” factor. This lady whose photo is featured is the American Socialite  Lee Radziwell and this picture, taken by The Sartorialist caused me to pause from the unpredictability of my frenetic summer.

A socialite by definition is a lady who’s life’s assignment is the leisurely task of entertaining or being entertained at  social events in the upper crust of society. Lee Radizwell would fit the bill perfectly for the title by birthright (being the younger sister of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis) and by association (having married a prince and a having been a PR executive of Giorgio Armani). A socialite is also a cosmopolitan with residences all around the greater metropolises of the world, like London, Paris and New York. Funny how with the word “socialite”; “London, Paris, New York, et. al” follows. I guess fine things beget even finer things and circumstances. Naturally the socialite is unreasonably wealthy and has a constant air of exclusivity, mystery and privilege about her; just look at this woman, all of us would agree that there was never a time when she had to carry a baby on her hip while hanging a huge pile of laundry in the back yard, sweaty with hair all disheveled.

A socialite is many other things as well but on my end though, I just see a woman whose sense of style and fashion is very notable,  worth stopping for and how fun it is to tumble on to a portrait of a person that’s the very expression of joie de vivre!


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