The inscription on the photo might a bit oxymoron-ic since naps are typically a short period of sleep during the daytime. But hey, if the time is there and it’s free, why not?

 Naps in English, Siesta in Spanish, “hundaray” in my dialect, no matter how you say it, its is beneficial any day. Just take it from a NASA study which reveals that naps have been found to be just as good as a night’s sleep for memory tasks;  it is also said to improve a person’s efficacy in alertness, response time and other cognitive skills. The Washington Post reported once about a study of 23,000 subjects who took regular midday naps and these sentient beings were found to be 30% less likely to die of heart disease.

 Sadly, cost-less as it is; naps are very rare and hard to get in busy countries. A friend of mine told me once that the best mother’s day gift she could ever have is a long nap on that Sunday which is designated for women like her; this from a stay-at-home mom. What then can be said of working moms? working Dads? working workers? Elusive as it may seem, I believe we ought to do it as much as we can, if we are able. In my personal experience, I have found naps to be invigorating; it also increases my productivity and strength with chores and activities, it lightens my mood and it’s very good for the skin, take it from Paulina Porizkova, who credits naps and sleep as one of her beauty secrets. 

 The picture shown above is the site I fall a-nap to, it’s both symbolic and conducive because when we nap, we usually just hang our hats, keep calm and carry on – napping…


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