The King’s Speech


“You may call me ‘Your Majesty’ for the first time and “Maam” thereafter. “Maam” as in “ham,” not “Maam” as in “calm.”

– decidedly, I have re-discovered my fondness for Helena Bonham-Carter.

The only reason why I tarried watching this award-winning film was because I could not find anyone to go with who would indulge me with it. Until an e-mail from my estranged-movie buddy came and there we were watching this year’s Best Picture.

I loved it for all the reasons that every one else did. It’s a period piece, historical, regal and very, very well acted by the main characters. Geoffrey Rush who always transforms into his characters, Colin Firth, with the tour de force performance, us fans always wanted him to deliver from the days of playing (Mr. Darcy), uhmm… both Mr. Darcies; and Helena, who to me went back home to “Howard’s End” and revisited the girl we first fell in love with in the Merchant-Ivory film.

The King’s Speech is worth a tumble.


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