This picture sums up the last 2 weeks of my life; hectic and almost a blur. An emergency beckoned me to Southeast Asia – 2 weeks ago, and away I flew. Setting up the trip with such a short notice commenced the insanity; needless to say, packing did not begin until the early hours of the day of my flight; this, mixed in with having to cram in 40 hours work in 4 days and then came the daunting task of a 30-hour flight to the other side of the world and this was just the intro.

The other side of the world greeted me with rain, mud, humidity, mosquitoes, diesel fumes and the ever ambiguous  – jet lag. Forecast upon my arrival: flash floods in Australia and plain old floods in my destination. Soon after, I gather that the city I was in was just declared “calamity area” because of the floods in some low-lying districts. To my relief, I mostly spent my time on the second and third floor of a building; and did not have much time to venture out.

I set up to complete my task which included assessment, planning and implementation of a medical situation. My task was only limited to one family and localized as it was, it became overwhelming at  times because I was dealing with an institution which has set things up not according to practical specs in the home setting from the start and the personages involved needed re-education on how to deal with their unique situation given the resources they had.

All that said, I would be remiss if I did not mention that the food was great and the upbeat spirit of the people made everything worthwhile, for after all, I was in the Philippines – a country that no matter what, people find time to be lighthearted, laugh, enjoy and yes, eat 5 times a day! After 2 weeks of this though, the early evaluation run of my work was showing some success. I was glad.

At this point, another 30-hour flight back (including lay-overs), would begin again. This picture I took at the Detroit International Airport was the vision that summed up the past 2 weeks that just occurred. People and modes of transportation who couldn’t wait to get to where they were going – but were forever stuck in the “getting there” part.