Which Came First?


The chicken or the egg? This dish is named, Chicken Galatina, and I made it for this Thanksgiving. Between me and my hubs, our bantam weight-sized family decided we should begin to conform to this Holiday and relate to the rest of the world every year this day, with Fowl-food. Not being that fond of Turkey, we decided to make Chicken Galatina, as our main course.

The biggest challenge with this dish is de-boning the chicken without cutting the skin in a half. With the assistance of 5 You Tube instruction videos and 1 Cornish hen, I was able to de-bone the entire trunk of the chicken so I could stuff the inside with a Meat Loaf-type mixture called Embutido.

This dish comes in Brazilian, Portuguese and Spanish versions I believe, but the Filipino version of this dish is made more interesting and whimsical because of the boiled egg situated inside the Chicken Galantine. This is my first attempt at it and I think I will get the hang of preparing this for our own Holiday traditions in our home – moving forward


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